Scholarships & Senior School Bursaries

While the cost of running The Mount School requires that those who can pay full fees must do so, every year the School foregoes fees through bursaries and scholarships.

Senior School Bursaries are now available for September 2017 entry. Read more...


The Mount School awards scholarships for academic, artistic and sporting excellence.

Scholarships are offered to pupils entering S7, S9 or College I (Years 7, 9 or 12) and are assessed by a pupil's results in the entrance examination, irrespective of financial means. Scholarships usually hold a nominal value of 5% of the current day fee and may be held by not only day pupils but also, boarders and international boarders.

Senior School Bursaries

The Mount School York has a long history of providing financial assistance to pupils and their families through bursaries. The awarding of bursaries is embedded in The Mount School's culture and is something in which we passionately believe. It is our aim to reach out to those able children whose families cannot meet the costs of fees unaided and offer them the opportunity to receive a Mount School education.

Bursaries are also available through a number of Trusts, including the Lydia Rous and Lucy Harrison Trust and the Stacey Sisters Trust.

What is the difference between a Bursary and a Scholarship?

A bursary is means-tested, with the value of the bursary relative to financial resources of the pupil's family. The maximum value of the bursary can be the full, published fees. The school does not publish details about the individual awards of bursaries as pupils and their families may not wish it to be generally known that they hold a bursary. Scholarships, on the other hand, offer a discount relative to ability and irrespective of financial means. 

If you have any queries regarding our scholarships and bursaries, please contact the Finance Office.

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