Educating Girls

Educating Girls

A growing body of research strongly indicates that girls - and the women they go on to become - achieve better long-term benefits from being educated in a single-sex environment than in a co-educational one. In October 2012, the Institute of Physics released research showing that 80% of girls studying Physics at University came from all-girls' schools. Similar trends are found in other STEM subjects. 

In co-educational schools, girls tend to choose subjects which revert to gender stereotypes; conversely, in an all-girls school, the distribution of subject choice is vastly different and more evenly spread.


Girls grow at their own pace

Outside of the classroom, opportunities for leadership, play and other avenues in single-sex schools are unlimited by gender. 

An all-girls education provides the opportunity for girls to confidently learn at their own pace, to grow at their own pace, and to gently flourish without the added pressures of social expectation.


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