Why All Girls' Education?

Why an All Girls' Education

There are so many reasons why an all-girls education is the preferred choice for your daughter.

We are specialists in girls' education, as are all member schools of the Girls' Schools Association (GSA)

A growing body of research outlines solid reasons for why being in an all-girls school can contribute to the successful preparation for challenges your daughter will face during and after her time with us.  Increase in confidence, being free of gender-based stereotypes, greater success in gaining entrance to the top UK universities, fewer hurdles to leadership opportunities, greater performance in STEM subjects, even an increased likelihood for better wage earning capacity, are among the outcomes of research into the benefits of girls' education.


In the videos below, two of our Department Heads discuss what they see as being the benefits of single sex education.

Bridget Perks, Head of Chemistry and mother of two former students at The Mount, discusses the benefits of an education in an all girls' school.

Helen Snelson, Head of History, discusses how she has come to be an advocate for single sex education.



Dr Alice Sullivan discusses a longitudinal study assessing outcomes of single sex education on two British-born cohorts.

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