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18 May 2016

Bursaries for September 2016 Entry

I am delighted to be able to announce that we are currently able to offer bursaries of up to 100% for entry into The Mount Sixth Form in September 2016. The bursaries will be available to girls achieving a minimum of 7 A/A* grades at GCSE. Those who are predicted to get 7 or more A/A* grades in their summer 2016 GCSE examinations are urged to get in touch for an informal chat and discussion about what The Mount can offer at A-Level.

We also still have a small number of bursaries, up to 50%, for new pupils looking to join in Years 7 to 10. Please do get in touch with our Registrar for more information.


26 April 2016

PeaceJam Centre of Excellence


Across the whole of The Mount School we run the PeaceJam global curriculum programme, an international programme based on the work of Nobel Peace Prize laureates. The PeaceJam curriculum sits well with the Quaker values of peace and social justice and many girls are actively involved in the programme outside of lessons too, attending national and international PeaceJam conferences.

Last year, Sixth Form College girls travelled to Monaco for an international PeaceJam conference and a group are returning again this summer. It is not only the Senior School, however, that benefit from this fantastic programme; pupils from Year 1 upwards have PeaceJam activities built into their weekly curriculum too. How does this help? PeaceJam helps our pupils to become confident in understanding global affairs, expressing opinions and showing understanding of how to achieve peaceful resolutions in times of conflict. I believe that it also helps them to work together better in School; it gives them a broader understanding of each other and an ability to work through all those issues you often have when you are growing up.

Senior girls often work with pupils in Junior School to support their projects and our use of PeaceJam throughout the School recently gained us recognition as a PeaceJam School of Excellence for which I could not be more pleased. We received this news at the UK PeaceJam rally in Winchester – what news to return with! It is an accolade we are truly proud of and a testament to all the hard work of both staff and girls that has gone into building this truly unique programme at The Mount. I hope to see more and more pupils getting involved and, if you are a Mount parent or guardian, I encourage you to continue the conversations at home.


19 April 2016

A Warm Welcome to The Mount


This week marks the start of my second term as Principal at The Mount and I am realising just how special the School is that I have been asked to lead. What has really struck me is how the fantastic Quaker values of simplicity, trust, equality, peace and social justice transcend everything that takes place in School. I know that a lot of Heads claim that their Schools are calm and caring communities, but The Mount truly is. Pupils and staff care for one another in equal measure and whilst a definite air of respect remains, there is certainly a sense of mutual understanding of one another, simply as human beings.

Many people know very little about Quakerism but once you do enter the Quaker world you realise just what an amazing thing it is. It is a faith with its roots in Christianity and the gathered meeting for worship in silence supports members to ‘let their lives speak’ in the wider world. As a non-Quaker, but a practising Christian, I have found my entry into the Quaker world a completely uplifting experience. Quakers believe that there is ‘that of God in everyone’which makes working with The Mount’s pupils and staff an absolute pleasure on a daily basis.

There is also a tremendous amount of vibrancy and a real sense of purpose to everything that takes place. The drive and commitment of every individual here really shows. But amidst this, we value our times of silence and seeing pupils coming into assembly (which we call a Morning Meeting) in total silence and then sitting in silence and reflecting on the day’s set text, is a special experience. Having that moment of calm before the start of a day is actually a great thing, simply for one’s own wellbeing.

Even the pupils in Junior School, from Year 1 upwards, have silent time for reflection during assembly. It is wonderful to see the discipline that these children possess. They too, even at such a young age, have an understanding of the Quaker values and ethos by which we all aspire to live.

So, as I continue on my own Quaker journey, and I have much to learn, I would urge any of you to explore Quakerism to gain a greater insight of what it is about. You would be welcome to visit and attend any Quaker Meeting for Worship. Also, if you are ever in York, please do call in and see Quaker education in action for yourself.