History and Heritage

Some dates in The Mount's History

 1785:  Founding of the Friends' Girls' School in Trinity Lane by Esther Tuke
 1785-1812:  The Friends' Girls' School continued in Tower Street
 1831:  Opening of the School at Castlegate as a school for daughters of Quakers
 1836:  Funding made available to train girls to teach
 1856:    School moved to The Mount
 Rachel Tregelles was superintendent
 1860s:  The School was encouraged to adopt the teachings of Darwinism over Creationism
 1866:  Lydia Rous became superintendent;
 Girls began to sit in new public examinations
 1879:  Susan Scott became superintendent
 1880s:  Games lessons became an established part of the curriculum
 1882:  Mount Old Scholars Association founded
 1883:  Building of the West Wing
 1884:  Music was introduced to The Mount's curriculum
 1890s:  Societies included astronomy, running club, debating and natural history
 1891:  Opening of the new Gymnasium
 1895:  Founding of the 'Lydia Rous Scholarship'
 1896:  School year divided into three terms for the first time
 1901:  Electric lighting installed in the School
 Presentation of the Lindlay Murray Summerhouse
 1902-3:  East Wing built, including the Library
 1900s:  Girls involved in social work in the poorest parts of York city
 1912:  Building of the Dining Room and discovery of the tomb of Lucius Baebius
 1914:  In August, the School buildings were requisitioned as a hospital
 Mount girls prepare a house in Acomb for Belgian refugees
 1914-18:  York Central Meeting for Worship was held in the School Gymnasium
 1919:  The School marked the inaugural meeting of the League of Nations
 1928:  Purchase of the 'New' games field
 1930-1:  Main Hall built to commemorate the Castlegate centenary
 1936:  Northern Friends' School annual Quaker Pilgrimage begins
 1937:  School exchange with a school in Hamburg
 1939:  Upon outbreak of war, the School was evacuated to Cober Hill, near Scarborough
 1940:  The School returned to The Mount as Easter
 1942:  Improvement of Science teaching facilities
 1943:  11 and 12-year-olds were admitted to the School
 Older girls were involved in war work
 1945:  The topic of Civics Week was 'Women and their Work'
 1940s:  Exchange visits recommenced and girls took part in UN Youth events
 1947:  The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to the Friends' Service Council and the American Friends' Service Committee
 1950s  Jocelyn Bell Burnell and the three Drabble sisters attended The Mount
 Older girls were active in the Council for World Citizenship
 1951:  Mount girls, including Judi Dench and Mary Ure, took part in the York Festival
 1955:  The new Science block was designed to address the national shortage of female scientists
 1960s:  Founding of The Mount School branch of Amnesty International by Hilary Wainwright
 1965:  Opening of the Swimming Pool
 1970s:  Social action work and international exchange visits continue to develop
 1980s:  Computers made their first appearance at The Mount
 1988:  Expansion of Science facilities
 1990s:  Girls from the former Yugoslavia formed part of the School community
 1991:  Opening of the new Junior School
 2000:  Opening of the Sports Hall
 2007:  Opening of the new College Study Centre
 York Independent State School Partnership was formed 
 2011:  Global Thinking curriculum, devised by Nobel Peace Laureates and the international PeaceJam Foundation, introduced at College
 2014:  The Mount is the first school in to be awarded the Historical Association's Gold Kitemark for excellence in History teaching

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