Pastoral System

Pastoral System

The Mount's emphasis on care and guidance in personal development is underlined in our pastoral system. This begins from our Junior School, where teachers are particularly skilled at ensuring girls settle in quickly and become familiar with their surroundings and make new friends, and all throughout our Senior School where each girl has a tutor group where she is given individual attention.

Tutors liaise with other members of the teaching staff, boarding staff (where appropriate) and parents. They monitor each girl's welfare as well as academic progress and extra-curricular activities. Tutor teams are led by the Head of Lower School S7-S9 (Years 7-9), Head of the Upper School S10 and S11 (Years 10-11) and the Head of College (Sixth Form).

If, for instance, your daughter has a concern about academic work in general, her Form Tutor, her Year Head and her Personal Tutor are here to help. If her concern is in a particular subject, she may speak first to the teacher and if necessary the Head of the Department. They will be more than willing to help and, if the problem is not solved, she may approach the Deputy Head or our Principal.

If your daughter's concern is with social or domestic matters, her Form Tutor or Personal Tutor will want to help. Alternatively she may wish to confide in a member of the House Staff or any adult amongst the teaching staff, who will be happy if she has a friend to accompany her. She may even approach an older girl who she feels she can talk to and may be able to help her reach the right person. College II (Upper Sixth Form) girls in general and the Head Girls in particular are glad to advise and help. Also, a system of Peer Mentors is in place throughout the School to help integrate new girls and provide an additional level of support for any girl who needs it.

There are School bodies set up to deal with matters of general interest e.g. School Council, Food Council, College Forum and House Meetings. Your daughter may inform her Year representative if she would like an issue raised.

If you have any queries regarding pupil welfare and personal development, please contact any member of our Senior Leadership Team on +44 (0) 1904 667500 or office@mountschoolyork.co.uk

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