Nutcracker System

Nutcracker System

The 'Nutcracker' system is a time-honoured Mount tradition which in modern parlance is referred to as 'peer-mentoring'. 

The system is in place throughout the School to help integrate new girls and provide an additional level of support for any girl who needs it.

If a student is concerned about social or domestic matters, she may approach an older girl who she feels she can talk to and who may be able to help her reach the right person. College II (Upper Sixth Form) girls in general and the Head Girls in particular are glad to advise and help.

Naturally, she (a friend may also accompany her, if that will make her more comfortable) may also approach her Form Tutor, her Personal Tutor, any one of the House staff and any adult on the House or teaching staff.

Pastoral Care for all Mount pupils is seen as being the responsibility of the whole community.

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