School House (11-16)

School House

We are fortunate to have rooms of classic Georgian proportions; the high ceilings and sash windows in every room create light and space and provide a balance to the business of communal living. Common space is generous:

The Kitchen is the 'everything' room and has a family kitchen feel to it; it's where we chat, snack, do the crossword and just spend time with each other. The girls can store their own food here, make use of the kitchen area and everyone plays their part in keeping it clean and tidy.

The Games Room offers pool and table-tennis as well as a variety of games of the quieter kind such as board games and cards, right through to the noisier options including a dance mat, X-box and Nintendo Wii.

The TV Room is the chill-out room and is home to the TV (complete with Freeview) as well as a small library of fiction to which the girls regularly donate. The bay window (which framed our Christmas tree in December) looks out onto the School's lawns and it is a lovely thing to sit under the window in the warmth of the sun when there might still be a Yorkshire chill in the air outside.

The House is a social hub with a very strong community feel. The Housemistress is a firm believer in separating work and relaxing space and there are no desks in bedrooms for the benefit of the girls' wellbeing.

Girls share bedrooms according to age and there will be up to four girls in a room. Generally at least one bed is kept spare in each room in order to be able to welcome flexi-boarders into a 'lived-in' space. S7 (Year 7) and S8 (Year 8) girls live on the first floor very close to two members of the House staff; older girls live on the second floor close to a third member of House staff and the Housemistress also lives in the building.

Boarders are invited to have a say in how things are run via various Committees that keep open dialogue with students, families, staff, school leadership and the governing Committee.  An example which is particularly relevant to boarding is the Food Committee which meets routinely to discuss meals, dietary requirements and celebrations. There is also Eco-Committee, Charity Committee, School Council and of course if girls are passionate enough about an issue, they are welcome to start their own group as well.

"Boarding is exciting and fun because there are lots of things to do." - Anika, S9 (Year 9)

Each weekend brings a bustling schedule of activities for the girls and throughout the year, there is an ample number of opportunities to visit the many attractions which 'England's Most Beautiful County' has to offer.

Boarders and day girls enjoying at The Mount's annual Bonfire and Fireworks Night

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