College House (16-18)

College House

College House is our Sixth Form house and is situated across the road from the main school, giving the girls a sense of independence. It has a large garden to the rear, which is on the ground floor of the building, and is well equipped with its own laundry facilities and ample space to both relax and study. College House has a proud history as one of the original school boarding houses, although it was initially called 'Riseholme' and housed the younger girls, with College boarders in 'Rowans', a house on Dalton Terrace. Whether juniors or College girls, the building has been a much loved boarding house for decades. College House now has space for nearly forty boarders, all of whom share rooms with one or two other girls. Most of our girls are full boarders.

The Housemistress, Jo Atkinson, teaches in the Senior School. She can be contacted on 01904 667500, extension 7219

House Team:

College House has a resident Assistant Housemistress and GAP students to support the boarders.

House Commitment to the Wider Community:

College House girls have chosen to sponsor a child, both through fundraising to help pay for her education and through writing to her. Nasteho Barre Nur is nine years old and lives in Gabiley, west of Somaliland. She has three siblings and her family depend on subsistence farming for food. Access to safe, clean water is very limited and Nasteho and her family have to walk at least 3km for water. Nasteho goes to the local school where she is learning to read and write; she is fortunate in this as the majority of the schools in the area were built before the civil war and there has been no investment to repair them. The girls sponsor Nasteho through Action Aid.


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