A Typical Day

A Typical Day

Boarding at The Mount allows each girl to fulfil her potential for academic and personal excellence. It is an enriching experience where the girls get as much as possible out of their time with us.

Boarding Houses

There are two boarding houses: School House for Years 6 to 11 and College House for Sixth Form. Our experienced and qualified team of residential House Staff care for girls working in partnership with parents and liaising closely with academic staff.

Each boarding house has a full time Housemistress, who also has a teaching commitment in the Senior School. They are supported by an Assistant Housemistress in each House, and Gap Students who assist with activities in the evenings and on weekends.

The School has its own Health Centre within the grounds, staffed by a qualified Nurse, and all boarders are registered with the School Doctor. Boarding Staff are always supported by a member of our Senior Leadership Team. The Principal and Head of Boarding, who live on site, are present during evenings and weekends of school term.

Younger boarders share their dormitories with two or three other girls and in the Sixth Form, girls are in rooms of two or three. Boarders are encouraged to add their personal touch to their rooms with their own bedding and pictures. There is the space to relax in the large common rooms, games rooms and quiet study rooms in each House. They also have access to all school facilities in the evenings and weekends including the two ICT suites, library and our sixteen acres of beautiful grounds.

Tea Leave

This term refers to the time during the week between school ending at 5.15pm and supper commencing at 5.45pm. With the permission of the Housemistress, girls may go out to the few shops that are a couple of minutes walk from the School.

Prep and Homework

Prep is when all boarders complete their homework or revision under the supervision of a member of staff. School House Prep takes places in the School Library. In College House Prep is done in students' individual studies.
Prep operates between 6.30-8.30pm Monday to Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings are free.

Lights Out

Part of a House routine is that there are structured lights out times. Girls normally go to their room 30 minutes before lights out. This will allow time to prepare books, uniform, etc., for the following day.

S7 (Year 7)

S8 (Year 8)

S9 - S11 (Year 9 - Year 11)

College 1 and 2 (Sixth Form)






Town Leave – During the weekend, girls from S9 (Year 9) upwards may go into town in pairs with permission from the House Staff. Younger boarders can go into town with the Gap students, or in a group of three with a senior boarder.

Activities – There is a planned programme of activities which includes one trip for both Houses on a Saturday then a range of other optional activities throughout the weekend.


House Staff organise a range of activities in school at weekends, such as baking, arts and crafts and Gap students are qualified life guards so can arrange to take the girls for a fun swim in our heated indoor pool.

Trips out include the theatre, cinema, visits to other cities such as London, Manchester and Leeds, ten-pin bowling and go-karting.

Opportunities for Worship

Meeting for Quaker Worship is an important event for all boarding staff and pupils. It is a short period of silent reflection on Sunday mornings and gives the boarding community an opportunity to come together as a whole group.
The Mount also encourages girls from other faiths to attend a religious service outside of School, if requested, and we have a Catholic Church directly opposite the School entrance. There are also a number of other religious buildings in the local area and we can make arrangements for all faiths.


The Mount School site is secured through gates and doors protected by a key code entry system and CCTV. Each girl has multiple lockable storage options to ensure security of their personal effects.
Every boarder has her own, individual lockable storage to which only she has the key. House Staff also keep a secure copy in case the key is misplaced.


All boarders whose parents reside overseas must have an official guardian, resident in the UK. The guardian must be at least 25 years old and they are responsible for organising the girls' travel and accommodation at exeats, half terms and holidays.

The School does not provide guardians but request that guardians are AEGIS registered.

Please see our Guardianship Policy for more information.

Medical Care and Provision

The Mount has a Health Centre staffed by a qualified nurse and all boarders are registered with the School Doctor. Boarders have access to the local dental practice which also includes orthodontistry.


Most boarders have their own bank accounts and College House pupils are responsible for looking after their own finances. A pocket money system operates in School House and girls can access their money through House Staff.
Cash for boarders is kept in a secure safe in a locked environment by House Staff. Additional cash is available in preparation for holidays and exeats.
Increasingly, students have their own debit cards, which they are encouraged to keep secured in their lockable storage and handle responsibly.

Meals at The Mount

There is a wide choice of food at every meal time including hot, cold and vegetarian options. Fruit is available at every meal and snack time and provided in the Boarding Houses in the evenings. All food is prepared and cooked on site using local fresh produce wherever possible.

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