Religious Studies

Religious Studies

"There is that of God in everyone."
- George Fox


Religious Studies entails a unique mode of thought and challenges us all to look beyond what we can experience with our senses. It helps students to engage effectively with ultimate questions, the spiritual dimension of life, difficult human experiences and ethical challenges. It develops life skills such as awareness and understanding of others, compassion, justice and charity as well as helping students to reflect on their own values and attitudes. Moreover, it uses both analytical and evaluative skills, which are valuable in many aspects of life.

Lower School

The six major world religions - Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism - their key beliefs and religious practices are studied. S7 (Year 7) begins with a study of Quakerism from its inception to the 21st century. In October, during Quaker week, there is a biannual visit by S7 (Year 7) and S8 (Year 8) to 1652 Quaker country, to discover the School's Quaker roots.
Over the course of the three years, the pupils should visit places of worship of all six major world religions, which contributes cultural programme of the school. The pupils are encouraged to ask questions, keep abreast of current affairs, and join in debating and discussions.


Exam Board AQA

There will be a new GCSE course starting in September 2016. This will compose of two component parts. 
• Component 1: The study of religions: beliefs, teachings and practices.
The religions chosen will be Christianity and Islam, both very important in understanding the modern world
• Component 2: Thematic Studies
Four themes have to be studied:
1. Religion and Life
2. The existence of God and Revelation
3. Religion, peace and conflict
4. Religion, human rights and social justice.
Each component will be tested by a 1 hour 45 minute examination


Exam Board OCR
A new course will start in September 2016.
There are three main areas of study:
• Philosophy of religion
• Religion and Ethics
• Developments in Religious Thought
• Each is tested by a 2 hour paper and represents a third of the overall mark.

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