'When I look at the world I am pessimistic, but when I look at people I am optimistic.'

Carl Rogers

Psychology is the scientific study of human thought, emotion and behaviour; hence we aim to give students an insight into some of the causes and explanations of a diverse range of human behaviours and thinking processes.

The subject matter of psychology is wide-ranging, and includes the study of psychological disorders, obedience, conformity, development, memory, learning, attachment, the brain, and genetic influences on behaviour. Theories are developed to explain behaviour, and studies are conducted to test theories. Through the study of Psychology you will not only gain an understanding of why we do what we do, but you will also gain a deep understanding of how science works.

College trip to London Criminal Court of Justice
Year 12 trip to the Criminal Court of Justice, London


A Level

Psychology A level examination consists of three terminal papers, all taken in June of the final year of the course.


Unit 1- CORE STUDIES: The course covers social, cognitive, physiological, developmental and individual approaches to psychology. Each approach has four studies under a shared themes. Themes are: obedience to authority, memory, regions of the brain, understanding disorders and external influences on children's behaviour, responses to people in need, attention, moral development, brain plasticity and measuring differences.

Unit 2 - RESEARCH METHODS: Four psychological investigations are studied and evaluated: self-report, observation, experiment and correlation.

Unit 3 APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY: Students cover Issues in Mental Health, Criminal Psychology and Child Psychology.

Off to London from at York Station


Students participate in a visit to York Magistrates Court, a tour of Hull Prison and an interview with a prisoner and visit to the London Courts of Criminal Justice to participate in a mock trial. Attendance at Psychology taster workshops offered by various universities is promoted to all students who are considering psychology as a degree subject

Life after the Mount

A Psychology qualification can support further study and a range of career options including clinical psychology, forensic psychology, educational psychology, health psychology, sports psychology, counselling, occupational psychology research, neuropsychology, teaching and training. Knowledge of Psychology is useful in myriad other career paths, such as advertising, media and criminology, social work, nursing, advertising, teaching, sales work, police work, management and personnel, and any job that involves a lot of contact with others. The department has a strong record of students going on to study at undergraduate level at leading Universities. Recent university destinations include: Social Psychology (University of Loughborough), Social Policy and Criminology (University of Sheffield), Psychology (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Psychology (University of Durham), Criminology and Psychology (University of Northumbria), Criminology (University of Leicester), Psychology of Philosophy (University of Hull), Psychology (University of Lancaster). 

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