The Music Department plays an important role in the life of the School at The Mount. The Music curriculum is varied, exciting and packed with opportunities.


Lower School

In Years 7 to 9, the girls have weekly lessons during which they explore a wide variety of musical styles, including jazz, rock and non-Western music. They are encouraged to consider music in relation with other subjects such as literature, languages and art. The multi-cultural content suits the multi-cultural nature of The Mount and makes the subject varied, accessible and dynamic.

These lessons are also laying the foundations for work at GCSE and A-Level, and the girls start composing early on. In Year 8, for example, they have written a Blues performance and in Year 9 a Minimalist composition. 
Students are encouraged to take ABRSM Grade 5 Theory. Help is provided for this through regular, dedicated classes. 

KS3 Music lessons lay the foundation for GCSE and A Level work.
KS3 concert.



The GCSE course follows the EdExcel syllabus and covers performing, composition and a listening test based on 12 set works. Students develop a knowledge of a wide variety of musical styles ranging from 1600 to the present day.

GCSE Music
GCSE Music


A Level

Music is available to study in Sixth Form College. The course follows the EdExcel syllabus which includes music history, composing/harmony, and performing. Due to its wide skill set, Music is recognised as an academic subject for university entries. It complements a range of commonly required A-level subjects like Maths, Physics, English and Biology.



Performance is an important part of Music at The Mount and there are many opportunities to participate in formal and informal concerts, masterclasses and events. There are numerous school music ensembles: Junior and Senior choir; Junior and Senior orchestra; swing band; string ensemble and other chamber groups. Students are encouraged to start their own groups and bands.

We are very fortunate in York to have access to a range of venues. These include, The Minster, Fairfax House ,York University and York St Johns University. Regular trips are organised to see professional concerts in and around York. These include, York University Concert series, Grand Opera House and Opera North in Leeds.

Extra Curricular Music
Extra Curricular Music


Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

We offer individual lessons on all orchestral instruments. We also offer lessons in voice, piano, jazz/rock piano, saxophone, electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar and percussion. Most instruments are available to learn from Year 2 in the Junior School and there are some school instruments available for hire. We wish to encourage students to try their hand at starting to play an instrument and so taster lessons are available. Students are encouraged to take ABRSM practical examinations. We offer help in preparation for the aural component of ABRSM practical examinations in small groups.

Instrumental and Vocal Lessons


Some Recent Performances


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