At The Mount, Careers Information, Advice and Guidance is designed to provide all pupils with a planned course of activities to assist in the making of confident, realistic and informed choices and transitions which will affect their future. We aim to support and monitor our pupils giving them the survival skills they need to grasp opportunities, manage change and deal with success, disappointment and the unexpected.

Pupils are given opportunities to:

  • develop knowledge and understanding of themselves as individuals, their interaction with others, their intellectual strengths and weaknesses, their abilities, skills and personalities and to recognise their potential, needs, attitudes and values. Self knowledge and self motivation are encouraged throughout the School curriculum.
  • acquire knowledge of the world of employment and the career opportunities available. Our pupils will be adults in a world where careers will change radically during their working lives and they will need to recognise the importance of retraining, imagination, initiative and resilience as they try to plot the way forward.
  • learn how to make considered choices and decisions in relation to an anticipated career pathway.
  • be able to make the transition from school to Higher Education and eventually to adult and working life effectively, recognising the importance of life-long learning.

Preparation for building up a portfolio of Work Experience is a valuable part of the broad education we provide. Pupils undertake an initial placement after the GCSE period and invariably it is found to be a most rewarding and maturing experience.

During the A-Level years, the Careers Department remains prominent and the vast majority of leavers progress to high-ranking universities and comprehensive and effective advice, guidance and support with the application procedure and beyond is given.

Visiting speakers regularly complement the delivery of our Careers programme as does girls' participation in careers related courses, conferences, Higher Education conventions and University Open Days.

The very well resourced Careers Library is situated centrally in the main school building and is open to both pupils and parents.

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