Business Studies

Business Studies

The Mount offers A Level Business Studies to all students in College

A Level Business Studies does not require the subject to have been studied at GCSE. We follow the AQA syllabus, which examines the decision to start your own business and progresses through to the practicalities of a new enterprise and ways of developing and growing the business into a larger concern.

Business Studies

Business Studies

In College I (Year 12), students study two units:

BUSS1 - Planning and financing a business (1 hour 15 minute examination)

This first unit considers what drives entrepreneurs to start their own enterprise. Students are introduced to Business Plans, market research, legal issues, how to raise finance, employment matters and financial budgets.

BUSS2 - Managing a business (1 hour 30 minute examination in June)

This looks at four areas; Finance (budgets and cash flow), People (organizational structures, recruitment, motivation), Operations (quality, customer service, technology), and Marketing (product, price, place, promotion).

In College II (Year 13), students study a further two units:

BUSS3 - Strategies for success (1 hour 45 minute examination)

In this unit the girls study business Objectives and Strategies, then look at Finance, Marketing, Operations and Human Resources in more detail. The exam involves an unseen case study, and draws on all College I (Year 12) knowledge.

BUSS4 - The business environment and managing change (1 hour 45 minute examination in June)

This final unit examines the wider business environment, such as the economy, politics and society. We then study the management of change, including planning, leadership and making decisions.

The exam involves two essays and a pre-released research task.

Business Studies lessons are engaging with a variety of teaching methods used; lectures, class discussion, practical examples, student presentations, group work, case studies, weekly business news and external visits all of which are designed to bring the subject alive.


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