Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment

Our extensive academic enrichment programmes are designed to broaden the girls' educational experience and inspire them in the pursuit of their intellectual passions.

Senior School girls have a weekly Enrichment session during which they undergo flexible and varied programmes designed to both support their learning and encourage them to explore new horizons.

College Specials, the weekly lecture series for our Sixth Form girls, provide girls with the time and space to broaden their career interests and investigate the weighty issues affecting the world around them.

While in College, girls will also be given the opportunity during this first year to begin an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), a piece of individual work designed to develop skills required at university. The EPQ is a free-standing qualification, more and more frequently favoured by universities, where students take a personal interest, develop it, and produce a final piece, whether it be a 5000 word dissertation or a piece of artwork, music or drama. As part of the EPQ, students are given a course of sessions in the various skills that may be of use in their project, but at The Mount, we provide these sessions to all pupils regardless of whether they are aiming to complete an EPQ or not, helping them develop academically. The completion of the EPQ, along with three A-Levels, AS General Studies and a schedule of Enrichment activities (music, drama, community work for example) will lead to pupils completing the AQA Baccalaureate, really demonstrating a combination of academic and personal skills sought by universities and employers.

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